Point Reduction Program

Internet Point Reduction Program | Points Reduced in NYS

New York DMV Approved Defensive Driving

Get all you need in Rochester to complete your defensive driving requirement and earn your point reduction eligibility and insurance discount privileges.

Online Defensive Driving In Rochester

Completion of this NYSDMV approved IPIRP Defensive Driving program provides a 3-year, 10% reduction off of your car insurance premiums. The entire program is available 100% on the internet. You can go at your own tempo and there is NO CLASSROOM ATTENDANCE REQUIRED. This program also allows you to reduce up to four (4) points on your motor vehicle operator record. In addition, there are NEVER ANY HIDDEN FEES with our course. Your course fee covers the program, your Completion Certificate and the electronic reporting of your successful completion of the program to the NYSDMV. So what are you waiting for, get it all when you get started today!

Paper-free Defensive Driving For You And Me!

One of the many advantages of PointReductionProgram.com's trafficschool programs is that you will save paper. Besides the problems that come with filing, mailing, and faxing paperwork, the use of paper is taxing on the environment. With online defensive driving in Rochester, there is no final to take and no manuals to print out or paperwork to mail in to us. Now that's a program that environmentalists will rave about!

Cost To Take Defensive Driving In Rochester

The total purchase price of our Rochester online Defensive Driving course is just $24.95. Get it all, including insurance discounts, point reduction, and the best traffic safety education course online!

How Long Does Rochester Defensive Driving Course Take?

Any defensive driving or traffic safety school course you finish in Rochester to receive point reduction and a mandatory 10% insurance costs savings must be a minimum of 320 minutes long in instruction time. All of PointReductionProgram.com's New York Defensive Driving courses meet this requirement.

Making Payment For Your Rochester Program

Whether you prefer to make payment for your class with a credit card online, over the phone, or by mailing it in - we've got you covered! We accept MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover.

Help You Can Count On

We are happy to provide Rochester customers with friendly and patient customer service reps who are understanding to your needs. We know that doing a defensive driving course may be a foreign experience for you and we want to make it as easy as possible. Call us toll-free at 800-691-5014 or send us an email at info@trafficschool.com.

Point Reduction And Insurance Premiums Discount Program

Not only will PointReductionProgram.com's defensive driving course help drivers refresh their driving knowledge and keep them up-to-date with today's Rochester traffic rules, our course allows eligible drivers to reduce as many as four (4) points on their driving record. The New York DMV system will automatically record student's eligibility, thus allowing them to receive the appropriate reduction. Further, if a student is the 'principal operator of a motor vehicle', they will receive a minimum Ten-percent reduction in the base rate of their rate of insuring an automobile every year for the next 3 years.