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Internet Point Reduction Program | Points Reduced in NYS

Defensive Driving Online

Get all you need in Buffalo to meet your defensive driving requirement and earn your point reduction eligibility and insurance discount privileges.

New York DMV Approved Defensive Driving

The Point and Insurance Reduction Program was designed by the NY DMV to aid drivers in reducing traffic ticket points and decrease their auto insurance. Successful completion of this defensive driving course enables you to a mandatory 10% reduction on your auto’s liability, no-fault and collision insurance rates. The insurance reduction is good for 36 months (3 years) and is renewable every 3 years by completing the course again. The NY DMV allows motorists who were handed points on their driver record within the past 18 months to reduce up to 4 (four) points off their driving record by successfully finishing this defensive driving class.

The Virtually Paper-free Program

Another one of the rewards of our online defensive driving program in Buffalo is that there is no excess paper-waste. There are no written tests to do, no NY State DMV forms to mail in, and no paper traffic safety school workbooks to print out. All you want is fully on line... Now that's an eco-friendly defensive driving program Buffalo residents can count on!

Finishing My On Line Defensive Driving Course

When it comes to a flexible Defensive Driving class in Buffalo, PointReductionProgram.com has you covered. We permit you to login and sign-off when you desire. Finish our Buffalo course all at once or over a number of days - as long as you finish within 30 days, it's all good!

Online Defensive Driving In Buffalo

Not only will PointReductionProgram.com's defensive driving class help drivers refresh their driving knowledge and keep them up-to-date with today's Buffalo traffic laws, our program allows eligible drivers to reduce as many as four points on their driving record. The New York DMV system will automatically record student's eligibility, thus allowing them to receive the appropriate reduction. Further, if a student is the 'principal operator of a motor vehicle', they will get a minimum Ten-percent reduction in the base rate of their automobile insurance every year for the next 3 years.

Price To Take Defensive Driving In Buffalo

Our all inclusive cost for your Buffalo Defensive Driving class is only $24.95! This program cost covers everything demanded by the NY Department of Motor Vehicles to get your insurance costs discount and have points reduced from your driver record. There are no hidden costs. If you find a cheaper price elsewhere, you can expect hidden costs for your Completion Certificate handling and processing that will increase your class cost.

Your Complete Defensive Driving Solution In Buffalo

  • Save Money While Reducing Up To 4 Points From Your DMV Record
  • The Class Can Be Accessed From Anywhere With A Pc Or Mac On The Internet 24/7
  • Reduce Points On Your Operator's Record For Any 4 (four) Points You Were Issued Over The Past 18 Months

Live Support To Help You Along The Way

PointReductionProgram.com is committed to providing you more than just an awesome defensive driving program. We also pay special attention to the needs of our students as they take the program, from beginning to end. Talk to our customer-support in Buffalo and they will be happy to help!